Tooth Coloured Fillings 

Many people have fillings of one sort or another, but in this day and age we are more conscious of our appearance and may choose to have the most natural looking option – tooth coloured fillings. 
Composite fillings 
Most tooth coloured fillings are made of composite. Composites are usually placed in the mouth in one appointment. Modern composites are now just as hard wearing as amalgam fillings. They are not suitable for all cavities. This can depend on the size of the cavity and where the tooth is in the mouth. Ask your dentist for advice about changing to tooth coloured fillings. 
Porcelain Inlays 
In some situations composite fillings may not be suitable, but a tooth can be restored with a porcelain inlay or onlay. An inlay usually fits into a prepared cavity and an onlay covers some or all of the biting surface of the tooth. 
The tooth is prepared by removing the old filling and any decay and taking an impression. A temporary filling is placed and the impression is sent to a lab for a technician to make a custom fit inlay or onlay. At a second visit this is fitted to the tooth and the aesthetics and its function will be restored. 
Reepham Dental Centre
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